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Smart Utility Systems (SUS) is the leading provider of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for Customer Engagement, Workforce Mobility, and Big Data Intelligence and Analytics to the Energy and Utility sector. We believe that Utility business model will continue to evolve with the focus on Customer Engagement and Operational Efficiency through Mobile and Analytics technologies.

We provide rapid deployment solutions for multi-channel Customer Engagement, managing Demand Side Management programs, Mobile Workforce, and deploying big data analytics that reduce costs and complex IT integrations. We continue to lead the industry with innovative cloud based solutions that are easy to integrate, plug-and-play, and help our clients cut operational and IT costs.

Our Management Team

Aman Singha

Manoj Singh

Lance Brown

Mashal Dhawan

Aras Akbari

Harman Sandhu

Tony Williams

Ken Roberts

Travis Parker

Deepak Garg

Nu Pho

Gita Agrellas

Brad Adamske

Thomas Lee

Al Williams

Our Advisory Team

Ashwin Rangan

Mike Aghajanian

Kevin Ellison

Baba Shiv


At Smart Utility Systems, we are creating knowledge to shape the future—a smarter, more sustainable future.

We are passionate about the Energy and Water challenges that face our societies today. We create products designed to increase conservation efforts, enable better resource management, and make utility operations more efficient. We employ people who strive to create a better world around them through good stewardship, ethical behavior, and philanthropic endeavors. Our focus is on delivering technology that reduces the environmental impact of modern lifestyle.

Corporate Responsibility

At Smart Utility Systems (SUS), we believe that corporate responsibility is a part of any good business. Doing the right things and in the right way creates value for SUS and strengthens our leading position in the industry. Our commitment to social responsibility keeps us on track and connected to the world.

Smart Utility Systems is committed to a brighter future for our employees, our communities and the world we live in. Supporting communities through giving has always been a cornerstone of our business and a belief that guides so many of our decisions. In order to build the strong, healthy and safe communities we want for our team members and guests, we work closely with partners and organizations. SUS supports Human Connect, Department of Public and Social Services (DPSS) Adopt-A-Family program and the American Indian Foundation.

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